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I Ching
The Week of February 27, 2017


#41       Sun       Diminishing and Offering

Above    Gen        limit, quietness, the mountains
Below    Dui         open, easy, responsive

The Wisdom:

Make an offering
At the alter of all you hold dear
Your offering:
Is being fully present

There is opportunity rising. The opportunity of retrieving a beautiful aspect of self that has been left in the shadows. Hidden from view as you strove ahead to abundance and advancement. You have been in the action and attitude of giving. Giving love, advice to benefit your family, tribe and relationships. Now the benefit is to prepare your self to receive. To clear the way that has gotten musty and cluttered with ego, personality and greed for more. You have not been wrong in these very human actions, but now the great cleanse is called for where you have the opportunity to clear the way so you may proceed on the road before you to commence on the journey to the road less travelled. It is on that road where the removing of old ways and no longer useful  patterns that have held you in the prison of shame and doubt this clearing or cleansing is to leave room for the returning and for refreshment of all that is good in this coming cycle of retrieval and creation. The benefit is to have a plan spelling out what needs to shifted, retrieved and what needs to be let go. Be it people, a relationship, an attachment to self-importance or your illusion of being in control. In letting go of what no longer serves you will leave room for new creation, ideas of other souls to accompany you as you open to be found, create and to be loved for who you are without the artifice of pose, control or various aspects of riches.

In preparation the elders show us and demonstrate how to receive in humility and with grace, and dignity. There is great benefit in creating an altar, a place to go, where either in metaphor or in actuality go to greet and embody universal wisdom that is there for you to be found in stillness. This is a psychedelic journey calling and the magical hormones of the human body to open doors that have been forever closed. It is in the space where you will know you are awake and in the work of being on the road less travelled, the Medicine Path. It is at the alter of grace, consciousness where with no ego calling the shots  firm personal boundaries are set in place as you come to the realization as you enhance and redirect deeply held resources of energy and power, the fuel for the transformational change that is before you.

To receive the abundance, love and peace of mind that is destined for you at this time the benefit is to not only clear and clean the vessel, but also with careful scrutiny discover and seal even the tiniest fractures in your way of thinking. Have caution that you do not become blinded by the successes that you have manifested. You will, in reflection, see that in many ways you have done well, that is not in question. To receive in fullness spirit asks that that you recognize and move beyond the voice of the chattering ego that is constantly on the search for a way in to ever so subtly move you off track, away from movement toward the divine.

As you have been moving toward your goals, you have been moving in a multiplicity of directions to achieve what you have desired. along with this, you’ve been keeping steady on your necessary daily tasks of caring for yourself and those immediately around you. Despite all this activity there has been a feeling a lack of satisfaction, even though you have achieved some of these goals brilliantly. Rising from deep within has been a gnawing desire to reach for something new, something grand. In many ways it seems like this time of angst and convoluted ideas swirling you must be the worst time of all for a journey such as this, as you have been expending so much of your vital force to get to where you are and to maintain equilibrium while doing so. It is here that Sun’s, this hexagrams advice is to take a clear look at your situation, and then negotiate your position, paying attention to your limitations. As you proceed, with authenticity and integrity as your guiding light, make sure you stay within the boundaries of your energetic, spiritual, emotional, and physical reservoir. Don’t let the ego push you beyond these important limits for it is in the place of exhaustion of your conscious path that you become vulnerable to the inner voice of doubt and shame..

Approach the situations before you in their most basic form. It is a time for simple plans; complexity would rob you of the resources you have left and leave you paralyzed on the path. If this were to happen, you would find yourself vulnerable to the old forms and patterns you have been working so hard to shift. Right now, your path to success and enlightenment must be free and open, unhindered by negative thoughts and stale belief systems. Change any words of negativity about yourself that you are thinking to loving positive and progressive words of love and encouragement. The words you think are much more powerful that the words you say.

When we see the sun diminish at the end of day we do not mourn the sunset or feel that this is the end of life as we know it. This can be one of our finest moments, as we are in awe of the beauty of nature’s cycles. We recognize that the end of the day is the end of a cycle, nothing more. This describes where you are now—at the end of a cycle. This is the time to make an offering, prostrating yourself, figuratively or literally, before the altar of virtue.

This is what some call fate—a time in your life where the inner voice of wisdom expresses itself in a celebratory and joyous form as you set the ego aside and let go of fears and doubts to follow Spirit, the guides, the angels, or whatever term you use to identify the voice of higher wisdom that nurtures and advises you in this time of decrease. It is from here that good, solid boundaries can be created. These limitations will help you regulate your self-expression, which will become increasingly prescient because most of the negative voices within are exhausted by the chatter they will be forced to move into silence. This is called—relief.

So in this time of lessening of personal power, look to your virtue and act and think as simply as possible. Work only at the basic elements of your tasks; eat, drink, and think simply. Make an offering of your ego to the ones on high. This ego sacrifice may be in the form of material objects or a false attitude of confidence that was just about to get you into a world of trouble.

As your energetic sun is setting, let go and allow it to follow its way around the great orb of your existence, knowing that at nighttime you will be richly renewed and prepared for the eventual rising of your strength, energy, and wholesomeness. This will empower you to bring loving-kindness and compassion to your personal relationships, tribe, family, and business associations, allowing you to easily accomplish more than you had planned.

Making and respecting firm outer limitations in a time of limitation allows you to cultivate and nurture what is most essential for your progress toward abundance and acceptance of who you truly are. In this diminishing energetic cycle you will be able to access what lies ahead, and by honoring limitations you can cultivate the resolve needed to patiently see this cycle to completion and making way for a new cycle to begin.

Some natural cycles can be hard to accept. When you find yourself in a time of limitation, you may worry or get stressed. But know that this cycle is only temporary and is part of the natural order. Decrease gives you an opportunity to clearly look at your life path so that you may address and correct negative thoughts and old, worn-out, destructive patterns of behavior. Rather than being something to get through, the current cycle should be considered a time of revelation and revolution that will lead to a personal renewal, leaving you clear and strong to work for your own and the greater good.

Having this teaching emerge at this time you are assured that this is the onset of a a full cycle of beneficial good fortune. This arriving fruitful harvest is deserved and is being realized by the hard work you have been doing daily on recognizing, accepting and releasing the suffering that has resulted from events and beliefs of the past. Look to these wisdom teachings as preparation to receive.

Make your direction firm and know where you are headed. This knowing is your road map for the journey. The events to come will be rich with meaning and will open doorways to abundance and love, where old wounds can be healed and cords of bondage to the past will be dissolved. Do not fear to see the pain and angst that has been flowing through you for all these many years, these many lifetimes; honor the experience as you do process to let it go.

There has been much pain and suffering on our planet, trust as a people we are coming to the best of times, a recreation of a New Earth Tribe where our beliefs and vision for Gaia in balance with all nations and all peoples is coming. It is up to us to vision and keep the balance before us in vision and belief. Thus great benefits will be delivered as we act in harmony with the rhythm of Earth, protect the waters, the air and the land by trusting the process laid out for us by the teachings we have embodied on the path

Our teachers may still be in the body or may have moved beyond. Look to the teachings in your tribe, to the elders, look to the elements of nature and our Earth….It is within the magnificence of Gaia that the greatest teachings are held in waiting for us in stillness. Listen to the indigenous elders, the artists and poets of these and times past. The needed support will be in the birds song, the wind in the trees, the rumbling of the earth and the roiling of the sea…these too are our teachers. Stop and listen.

In the love and light of a new dawn . . . trust…”everything’s gonna be alright”
In Lak’ech
Teach peace
Be love



The older we get, the closer we are.
The higher we go the higher we are

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