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Matt Leighninger

President Obama will make a major speech tomorrow describing the US commitments to public participation and transparency as part of the Open Government Partnership - the speech can be viewed live at

The Healthy Democracy Fund (HDF) in Oregon seeks a Development Director to sustain the organization’s growth, building on the landmark Citizens’ Initiative Review -

New Oxford Handbook on Civil Society has contributions from Peter Levine, John Gaventa, Harry Boyte, Mark Warren, Theda Skocpol, Nina Eliasoph, and many others -

Participatory Budgeting Launches in NYC: Councilmembers and Community Allies Announce Groundbreaking, Democratic Budgeting Initiative -

The Alberta Climate Dialogue (ABCD) has been working with the City of Edmonton on an innovative public involvement project on sustainability -

'Citizenship and Governance in a Wild Wired World' summarizes the current state of participatory practice at the local level, makes the argument that we need to be thinking about engagement infrastructure, not just temporary tools -

Simon Burall of Involve describes the current UK debate on the role of government in the Big Society -

Jim Snider makes some excellent suggestions for how communities can support 'blended meetings' that include online and face-to-face elements -

Meaningful participation vs. all-night public hearing: Toronto MP Carolyn Bennett eloquently describes the differences

Bill Barnes at the National League of Cities explores how cities are dealing with challenges of immigrant integration -

New report shows that civic engagement is a stronger factor in reducing unemployment than many traditional economic variables -

Choicely - new online participatory budgeting tool from the UK -

New NIF issue book now available - A Nation in Debt: How Can We Pay the Bills?

Comments, reflections and results from "Frontiers of Democracy" conference now up at Includes poll on top insights, link to conference video, and other resources

In the latest LogoLink newsletter, discussion about the line between false participation and sharing power meaningfully with citizens.

Common Ground News Service looking to expand their roster of authors who can write on race relations in the US - see - small honorarium available for each piece.

The most complete look yet at whether/how the Obama Administration is boosting participation through Open Government:
Philadelphia city councilwoman on why public engagement isn't just a 'feel-good' exercise:
Rude Democracy: Civility and Incivility in American Politics - by Susan Herbst, new pres of UConn
Portsmouth Listens will receive the 2011 Sarah Farmer Peace Award.

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