Blessings Here and Now
with John Morton

John and J-R, Thanksgiving at Prana, 2012

You may experience the Blessings Here and Now more fully
if you say the blessing out loud

Welcome everyone, all of us in this beautiful presence of the divine. Let’s just take a moment to open up in the light. This light is entirely through loving consciousness, whatever comes into our mind, whatever comes present as awareness. 
. . .
We also hold into the consciousness that transmutes, that clears, that heals, that balances, that does whatever is necessary to come into the clearest state possible. 

Baruch Bashan - The Blessings Already Are
– John Morton

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John and Leigh in Westlake Village, 2021
About John Morton
John-Roger, DSS   ~   John Morton, DSS
2011 Founders Dinner at Gleneagles, Scotland
Through his insightful, practical and gentle approach, John Morton has a unique ability to help others see the blessings in themselves and everything that occurs in their lives. His foundation, John Morton Ministries, is devoted to spiritual awareness, individual and world peace, and charitable service to others. He is an ordained minister and serves as spiritual director in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, founded by his beloved teacher John-Roger. He also advises and serves on the board of several organizations founded or supported by John-Roger, including HeartFelt FoundationInstitute for Individual and World PeaceInsight SeminarsEduCare Foundation, and the University of Santa Monica.
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