Issue 26  12 June  2012
Mount Hawthorn Primary School Newsletter

Dates to Remember
Wednesday 20 June
Interschool Cross Country (Selected Students Yrs 4-7)
Friday 22nd
Assembly Room 4

Interschool Sport at Mount Hawthorn PS
Wednesday 27th
Year 5 Excursion Kings Park
Thursday 28th
Bluearth interactive session for Pre-primary parents.

Monday 2nd

P&C General Meeting

Wednesday 4th
* Note Amended Date
Jump Rope For Heart Jump Off Day (Yrs 1 – 7
Thursday 5th
Year 6/7 Winter Carnival
Friday 6th
Assembly Rooms 10
and 25
For a Uniform Order Form click HERE
Open Every Thursday afternoon during term time
2.30 to 3.15pm

Term 2  MENU

Term 2 2012

All the latest information and forms are available on the school website.
Mount Hawthorn Primary School

Community Noticeboard

Pictured Rebecca, Ella and James from Room 12 and Simon from Room 15
Sam and Rick "The Rock" Eagles visited our school on Wednesday 30 May.
Sam spoke about the Five R's. Respect yourself, Respect others, Respect the environment, Reach out into the community and Reach your potential.
Our school has so far collected 11,840 points.  We will be able to choose from over 7,000 educational resources including library books, classroom equipment, art and craft materials, and much more.  The program closes on 22 July so everyone can keep up the great work collecting. Shari McKeown
Mount Lawley SHS Community Art Auction Information click HERE

Does your family have a Home Fire Escape Plan and practise it? To help you develop a
plan, learn more about smoke alarms and legislation visit

Wembley Lacrosse Club
Haven’t found a winter sport yet??
Wembley Lacrosse wants you!
Registrations are now open for school
Years. 1 to 7. Free stick to any new players!
Modcrosse games Saturday 9am
Girls U12 girls play Sunday 9.30am
Boys U13’s play Saturday 11.30am
Training is Thursday nights.
For more info contact
Amanda on 0404 835699 or

July School Holiday Program
Click HERE for bookings.

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Sports For Schools - Mount Hawthorn Primary School is registered and ready to start collecting. Last year we received some fabulous sports gear by collecting vouchers when you spend $10 or more at Coles supermarkets, Bi-Lo, Pick`n Pay and Coles Online from 13 June to 14 August. The Coles Sports For Schools Collection Box is situated in the Harbeck Centre for voucher collection. SO START COLLECTING NOW TO HELP OUR SCHOOL GET SOME FANTASTIC SPORTS EQUIPMENT. Thank you Anita Putt & Sue Kenny
The Principal's Message

We had a fantastic response from students to the Car Park Etiquette colouring competition. Choosing the winner from each year level was a very difficult task for our Student Councillors. The winners were announced at the last assembly and each student received a bag of art and book supplies. Many thanks to Felicity and Jason Trevenen for designing the poster and donating some of the prizes. Thanks also to Corporate Express for donating prizes. The winners were: Pre-primary - Priya O, Year 1- Rohan D, Year 2 - Anna P, Year 3 - Sophie G, Year 4 - Harrison B, Year 5 - Daniel R, Year 6 - Ashleigh W and Year 7 - Ashleigh P.
Please remember when using the Kiss 'n' Drive that this is not a parking area. Children should go straight to the pick up zone after school and wait to be collected. Once your child is safely seated, move off so that drivers waiting behind can move forward and collect their children safely. Children should only get into the car in the designated Kiss 'n' Drive area, not further back in the queue.
School Rules - Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Caring and Be Your Best
In reinforcing these rules it is imperative that students be held responsible for their personal belongings. The staff and administration have decided to enforce a more formalised approach when dealing with the disturbing amount of lost property that accumulates in the school over a week. When lost property is returned to the student they will also receive a simple Lost Property Reflection Sheet to complete and return to administration. They will also lose faction points. By introducing this more formalised approach we hope to see a vast improvement, and reduction in the amount of lost property that accumulates in the lost property bins. We ask that all personal property such as lunch boxes and water bottles be clearly labelled, as well as all items of clothing. At the end of each 4 week period, unclaimed property will be donated to charity and clothing to the uniform service. Bronwen Mears
On Wednesday June 6, Year 4 to 7 children participated in the School Cross Country at Menzies Reserve. Year 4 and 5 students completed two laps of the challenging course and Year 6 and 7 students completed three laps. All children showed incredible fitness and stamina to complete the race. Initially the weather was kind to us, but then continued to rain for the last two events. Congratulations to all the winners and well done to everyone who participated. Also a big thank you to all our helpers on the day, both staff and students, especially those who got a little soggy!!!
CHAMPIONS: Congratulations to the Champions: Year 7 - Mia and Isaac, Year 6 - Jacinta and Jacob, Year 5 - Tully and Michael and Year 4 - Bridget and Jason. Sixty four students will now represent Mount Hawthorn at the Interschool Cross Country on June 20 at City Beach. Good luck team! Sue Kenny & Anita Putt
Through this program, primary school kids can bank at school, giving them hands-on banking experience in a fun and interactive environment. The School Banking program includes an exciting Rewards Program designed to encourage children to get into the habit of making regular savings. Every time your child makes a deposit at school they receive a Dollarmites token. Once they have individually collected 10 tokens they can be redeemed for an exclusive Dollarmites reward item.
Tuesday's = School Banking + MHPS + Harbeck Centre (Library) School Banking launch date is on Tuesday 19th June! Time 8.15 - 8.45am. Look in your eldest child's school bag for information packs that have been sent home!
How to Participate
If your child does not have a Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account and would like to participate in the School Banking Program you can apply at any Commonwealth Bank branch. The process of opening the account takes about 15 minutes. You need show your child's birth certificate and parent photo identification. If you are an existing Commonwealth Bank customer with access to NetBank you can apply for your child’s Youthsaver account online. Simply log into NetBank, click the “Offers and apply” tab, then select “Accounts” and “Youthsaver”.
Calling for School Banking Volunteers
All we need to get this great program running smoothly are volunteers who are able to give a small amount of their time every now and again on school banking days. School Banking days will be on Tuesday between 8.15 and 8.45am. Your help with the school banking program will greatly benefit students as they develop vital financial literacy skills and also help our school with fundraising. The school receives $5 for each new account opened and a commission on every deposit made at school. Please indicate your interest in volunteering by emailing -
On the 22 June we will launch, with the assistance of Green Aid, our new fundraising venture selling green sterile strips! Each family will be given a box which contains 24 individual boxes of sterile strips to sell at $3 each. From each $3 box sold, we raise $1 which will go towards changing the pre primary playground using a nature play strategy, reinvigorating the Fairy Garden and installing a new shade sail at Kindy. $1 from each box goes to produce the product, administration costs and also for prizes and the final $1 from each box goes towards Green Aid Relief projects locally, nationally and internationally, assisting children in need. There are prizes offered for the people who sell the most and this could be a trip to Dream World for the family, ipads and ipods, gift cards and every child who participates will receive a green wrist band. You have until the Friday 3 August to sell the sterile strips and you can come to the Harbeck centre on a Tuesday and Friday morning to return sold boxes and collect more boxes. This is not a door knocking exercise; the sterile strips are to be sold within your family and friends networks. If you do not want to receive a box of green aid sterile strips to sell, please contact Fiona Jegers before 18 June. Volunteers are needed to assist in collecting the sold boxes and issuing additional boxes. This will be done on a Tuesday and Friday at the Harbeck Centre during the term weeks from 8.30am to 9.00am, with the final week being a daily collection to return all the boxes and tally up the winners of the prizes. If you can spare some time on one of these days to help, please contact Sonia Siamos on
Kindness is being concerned about others. Kindness is showing you care about anyone or anything that crosses your path. Kindness means to care for others and the earth much more than you care about yourself. Kindness is showing you care for someone who is sad or needs your help.

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