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Time is an illusion.

- Albert Einstein

January 21, 2016                        

With every New Year comes the promise of a clean slate, a "do over." While statistics show most of us abandon all those resolutions before the month is over, we still have taken the time to imagine differently. Not just to do over, but to do better. In this month's newsletter, Katie talks about the challenging idea of really living in the moment, capturing Time, even as Time goes by.

          Wishing each of you Blessings for a Happy and Healthy 2016. Here's to chasing - and finding - miracles with all of you.

Joan, Katie and Meb       

          The older I get, the faster the years seem to roll by, even blur together. Once, not so long ago, I had the school year to glue the days and months together, even the hours. One year was clearly distinct from another, marked by childhood milestones, bicycle to driver's license, kindergarten to high school graduation as our children marked the millions of moments that became the timepiece of our lives. In retrospect, time flies. As Dr. Seuss said, "How did it get so late, so soon?"

          Time is a funny thing, isn't it? We waste it, run of of it and frequently need more of it. Time is free and yet free time is hard to come by; we squander it away on our phones and  gadgets. Time is short, but can also drag on for the lonely, the bereaved, or for any of us faced at the moment with very real worries. And, despite the claim that on occasion time stands still, the truth is, time waits for no one, ticking off the seconds in precise rhythm until another year has gone.

          Einstein called Time an illusion. After all, it exists in a 4th dimension we can't even grasp. C. S. Lewis observed that God must be outside of Time, where there is no past or future but only "an eternal Now." Which brings me to the present, and 2016. 

          The New Year is here whether we are ready or not. Living in the present is the way we humans might describe the "eternal Now," being mindful of the breath we are taking in this moment, the face of a loved one across the table, what they have to say. Or maybe it's simply being, basking in the beauty of a a sunset. Living in the eternal Now gives us the illusion that Time is, at least, on our side.


          Someone once said, "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away." Here's to as many of those miracle moments as you can find in the year to come.  (Katie)

P.S. You can follow Katie on Instagram @k8emahon where she captures miracle moments, one picture at a time.

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