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In golf, as in life,
obstacles are placed in our path.
In overcoming these roadblocks,
our greatest triumphs occur.

-Leonard Finkel, Chicken Soup for the Golfer's Soul

August 19, 2017                      

Mid-August! As summer winds down with the kids back in school, city traffic returning to normal and the pace of life speeding up, Joan offers a new perspective of one traditional summer activity. We often find miracles in places we don't expect; so too, do we find lessons for life hidden in plain sight.

            Here's to chasing - and finding - miracles with all of you. 

Joan, Katie and Meb       

           Living between a number of golf mecca sites, you might think I actually played the game. But that answer is no, if I wanted to spend my time looking for things, I would only have to go as far as searching behind my washer or dryer. However, like living in Boston, where one is required to be able to talk about the Red Sox for at least 10 minutes, the same is true for golf, if you live in Pebble Beach. Wanting to hold my own in conversation, I have listened and learned by immersing myself in golfing discussions over the past few years. While I still think the game takes too long, I have come to appreciate that golf does offer some important life lessons. Here's my Top 10:

1. All men and women are created equal; some just have higher handicaps! Golf is a great equalizer; public courses or private, the game is the same. And, in what other sport can the Club Champion not be the best player?

2. Mulligans are allowed as a legal do-over. It's simple forgiveness by another name.

3. Learn from those in the trenches. Caddies know how to read the greens, not just how to carry your clubs and often offer excellent advice. Pride and position are irrelevant. Be willing to listen and follow directions. 

4. Finishing the course is key; so is keeping the faith. Sometimes our plans go exactly as planned, other times we have to take a more circuitous route to our goals, even when we are nearly there. A great drive never guarantees that the putt won't lip out. 

5. Individuality is accepted, even celebrated. Does anyone care that no one looks good in the Master's green jacket? Have you ever seen some of the wacky golf costumes? Lighten up, even the serious don't need to be serious all the time.

6. Savor nature: smell the roses, walk in the rough, explore the weeds or the woods. Wherever your ball takes you is where you are meant to be. And while you are there leave it as you found it: sand trap etiquette 101.

7. Like divots, most things in life can be fixed. Apologize, try to put everything back as well as possible, spreading new seeds and moisture as needed. With tenderness and attention even deep wounds can be healed.

8. Seek alternative options: Can't walk, no problem, take a cart. Can't carry, no problem, take a push cart or caddie. Excuses wreak havoc.

9. Change up the game. 4 Ball, Best Ball, Alternate Shot, it doesn't matter, rules change. Life requires flexibility, bring your A game anyway.
10. Celebrate the strengths, not weaknesses of those around you. Holes in one are not always made by experts. Luck, like a miracle, is often freely bestowed and altogether unmerited.

          As I thought about writing this newsletter over the past few weeks, I gained clarity on how even something you don't really like can be an instrument of learning. I found useful life lessons in a game I once thought frivolous. Chasing miracles, I learned  that a change in perspective brings understanding and a new appreciation of the connections that are forged as a result of shared experiences. Now, for the first time ever, I can't wait to get to the 19th hole. (Joan)


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