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For those who believe - no proof is necessary;
For those who don't believe - no proof is possible. 

- Traditional Saying

September 30, 2015                        

This week's total lunar eclipse reminds us once again that the lines between perception (the world is going to end) and reality (the earth is between the sun and the moon) can sometimes seem blurred. For those of us who were lucky enough to be in cloudless viewing spots (even if it meant getting up at 3 am) it was a awe-inspiring event. This month Joan shares a more down to earth view of how perceptions and realities are reflected in our own lives and the impact we have on others.

ere's to the Chase, wherever it leads, learning more about Spirit, miracles and ourselves.

Joan, Katie and Meb       

         I never would have thought I would become a yoga practitioner, but that's one of the joys of life - becoming more, or perhaps just different, than what you may once have thought. Opening a yoga practice with "om" connects us to the universe with a centering reminiscent of the Jesuit priest who married us and began with a request to stop, quiet our minds - think about a sunrise, the smell of roses in bloom, the chill of snowflakes settling smoothly on the ground - a call to pause amidst the excitement that allows focus on what's important.

          Similarly, the final "Namaste" a blessing of sorts where "the light in me honors the light in you" becomes a recognition of connection between each of us calling for an openness, a respect or as Pope Francis would say a call to love one another. 

           It was after a recent yoga practice in Scotland where I have been this week celebrating the birthday of a dear friend, that another friend laughingly mentioned a time when after her practice, she spoke about the warm feeling of peace and tranquility that had overcome her. She was really proud of herself for experiencing what she interpreted as a letting go when someone, who knows who, perhaps someone a little older or 'wiser' responded, "That's not a feeling of peace with the universe, that's a hot flash!" injecting a dose of reality tarnishing her grateful perception.

          The story made me wonder why we feel the need to burst each other's bubbles. I know I am guilty, harkening back to the joy my 5 year old expressed upon seeing the 'white rainbow' in the sky only to be told (by me) that it was just a jet stream from a passing airplane and rainbows by definition are not white. At 5, he was smart enough to respond that he didn't care, he just thought it was beautiful. Somehow though, as adults we have lost that ability to find joy in the simplicity of the moment. Perhaps today, we have become consumed by the transmittal of too much information, instead of relishing the opportunity to share and bask in a reflected positive emotion.

          This notion of perception is one I feel particularly confronted by when discussing miracles. I think it's an occupational hazard; one person's (or in our case 3) perspective is not always the perspective taken by others. My view has been to put out there what we think happened and allow others to respond in their own way. Some have become emboldened to share their own stories, others have listened complacently (nice for us, but divine intervention could never happen to them), while still others vigorously defend their skeptical view of the world where all can only be explained by coincidence or science.

          There is a peace that comes with our own interpretation of events when they bring joy without harm to others. This week's eclipse was one of them - shared around the world where beauty, awe and science were all wrapped up together.


         Recently another friend forwarded a grab shot (as my mother-in-law calls them) taken from the ferry en route to Victoria Island - seemingly the hand of God in a spectacular sunset. It's mesmerizing to contemplate God reaching out to each of us in such a visual way.

          So next time someone comes to me with a smile on their face, radiating amazement, I hope instead of spoiling their joy I will embrace their awe in the moment rather than attempting to explain it away. (Joan)


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