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Child Care Business Owner
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 “If you have an approach that makes money,
then money management can make a difference between success & failure."
~Author Unknown

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A Note From Shiketa

Thanks for subscribing to my Weekly Child Care Business Makeover tips along with my weekly email updates. As always, I look forward to inspiring you to succeed and I Hope that you find this week's Makeover Tip to be beneficial to your Business Journey.

This week I want to inspire you to improve or makeover the way that you manage your money in your Business. In fact, I believe this, if you don't manage your money effectively, you could soon be out of Business. Money is the lifeline of your business and when it is not effectively managed, you can have some major cash flow problems.

Furthermore, I want you to throw away this excuse: "
I'm not good with money." Excuses will only hinder your success and today I am going to give you 5 simple strategies to makeover your money management skills. Ready!.... Here we go!
This Week's Child Care Business Makeover Tip
  1. Create a monthly Budget. Be sure to include your total income from all sources: parent income, food program and subsidized childcare. Then list all of your Business expenses: utilities, payroll, Your salary, rent, supplies, credit cards, marketing, repairs, food, bank loans etc. Subtract your expenses from your income and that is your monthly profit. Try to roll over money at the end of every month when possible. This is a great way to build wealth and it's a great way to hold on to your money!
  2. Keep a close eye on where you are spending money and only buy what you need for your business. If you are like me and are an impulsive buyer, add impulsive buys into your budget and stick to it!
  3. Keep track of Business receipts, by entering your purchases into a computer software program and be sure to keep your check book balanced.
  4. Deposit all business income into your Bank account, so that you are not tempted to spend the cash.
  5. Give yourself a paycheck. This will assure that your personal and Business funds are separate.
I know this is just a start, however, it's a great way to create a plan for your money and it's an effective way to manage your Business Income and expenses.
Check out my Money Management  SlideShare presentation.

Master Your money...You master Your Business!

This Week's Featured Blog post: Featured Author
As you may already know, I am addicted to reading good books and not just good books, I love to read Inspiring Books. Child Care Business Owner,  Consultant and Professor, Rhonda Culton has recently published a book titled: Chicken Nuggets. I just love the title of Rhonda’s book and it is so fitting for the Business of Child Care .

In fact, I was eager to feature Rhonda’s Book on my Blog, because Rhonda’s book is dedicated to educators all around the world and is full of inspirational messages from Teachers, Directors, Owners and educators.
Read the entire blog post

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