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Dear Sir or Madam,

Have you also noticed? Recently, architecture projects in combination with trees are increasingly emerging!
And by this, we do not mean the trees around the building in the outdoor area, but such which are found in the interior.
First, we encountered treelike structures in the Leonarde Glass Cube in Driburg. Then we came across this topic in the Tepoztlán Lounge, and then, a little later, we found trees again, in the interior of the Garden Tree House.
Some weeks ago, the architects of Baukind pointed out to us their beautiful daycare project Drachenhöhle in Berlin. And what did we see? Trees...

In some cases, the supporting structure is modified in such a way that it resembles the morphology of trees. In other cases, trees simply serve as an interior accessory.
But whatever their function might be, every single one of the six projects we will present you cast a spell on us.

We hope you will have a similar experience.
Enjoy reading!
Your Eva Konrad
editor mapolis|Architecture
Rooms with Trees
Tepoztlan Lounge
Cadaval & Sola-Morales
Kita Drachenhöhlee
Baukind Architects

Man is a funny creature, full of ambivalent needs that must be kept in balance. Architecture is an excellent means to ...

We could not find any real dragons in the daycare Drachenhöhle (“dragon cave”) in Berlin, but a lot of other beautiful things. The ...

Mathieu Lehanneur, Ana Moussinet
The Tote
Serie Architects

Paris and its own new wonderland, consisting of trees and technical jumble. The Electric is a new iconic platform in Paris. On an area ...

Eating among trees. Nowadays in Mumbai, existing colonial buildings are often converted into restaurants and bars. For such ...

Garden Tree House
Hironaka Ogawa & Associates
Greenhouse Botanical Garden Grüningen
buehrer wuest architekten

We quite know it from pets, but sometimes also trees belong to the family. And you do not remove family members just because ...

In 2012, after the demolition of two old greenhouses, the Botanical Garden Grüningen got a new glasshouse. The Botanical ...

Starting over with House Hakusan Ishikawa
Get rid of the smell of the 70s!!!

... decided the owners of the Hakusan Ishikawa house and commissioned architect Kelun with the renovation of two tiny rooms and the entrance area of their home.

And lo and behold...

... the result is really impressive.

... everything new ...
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