Bernadine Fox: Fine Art Oil Painter and Mixed Media Assemblage Artist
BERNADINE FOX hails from a place that is so flat you can see company coming ten miles away. She grew wiry, unruly, and fascinated by the human condition.  Ethnographic-based, Bernadine’s work weaves colours, objects, words, constructing narratives that examine the cultural issues faced by the modern world.  Seasoned with a well-lived life, her abnormal childhood, an unusual background, and a willingness to examine tough issues, she offers a fresh socio-political portrayal of our culture and an intimate entry point into the human psyche. 
Bernadine is not young and, thus, her work is aptly aged with decades of unique experiences born out of a willingness to push beyond the norms of convention.  Her work is an unflinching investigation into the human condition (good: ugly) that engages the viewer in critical discourses (sometimes private: sometimes public) on topics such as children of drug addicts, dissociative identities, and what signifies “home” while refusing to exploit all-too-easy forms of sensationalism. A graduate of Emily Carr, her work is held in private collections in NY, CA, TO, BC, and Australia. She works out of William Street Studios in East Vancouver, BC.

Bernadine's eBlast

Artist Residency
In Jan, Feb, and Mar I spent much of my time in Port Coquitlam at the Leigh Square Art Centre as their artist in Residence.  While there I worked on several paintings in my series entitled, "Do You Know Who I Am?"  This series explores the works of the old female masters.  Some of these women have re-emerged over the last 30 years and taken their position in art history.  Some remain obscure and their lives and work still residing in a place that does little justice to the body of work they produce. 

Britannia Art Gallery Exhibition (Mar 2014)

Four paintings from the series "Do You Know Who I Am?" were exhibited at the Britannia Art Gallery in March of 2014. 

I also gave two artist talk on the issue of Women, Gender and Art.  This is a lively discussion punctuated with research, stats, and personal experiences about what it is like to be a female fine artist in the 21st century and what vestiges of the last 400 years keep hanging around the world of art.  If you would like this talk at your event, please email me.

CRAWL 2013
For the first time in about seven years, I did not participate in the Eastside Culture Crawl. It was time to take a break and actually spend some time wandering through the buildings and seeing (and supporting) the work of other artists in Vancouver and being inspired, especially by thew work of fellow women artists.  I will, however, be a part of the upcoming 2014 Crawl. 

New Work

I am currently working on a series of mixed media assemblage pieces that explore the attitudes prevalent in the 1950s toward women drawing parallels to our contemporary world.  Images coming next eBlast.

Oh and there is so much more - so much happening.  Will have to wait for the next eBlast ...


Artist's Joke

So that's where he got it.



Bernadine has been asked to curate an upcoming exhibition on being happy.  More details to come. 
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#7, 1310 William St. Vancouver, BC
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