Parshat Naso

Parshat Naso
12 Sivan 5775
May 29-30, 2015

  NEW Seudah Shlishit Series Begins this Shabbat

Hi there! I hope that you are all well. 

Since everybody is still on fire from all the Torah that they learned over Shavuos I figured why turn down the heat. Let's keep it going. This Shabbos we welcome one of my favorite Rebbe's in the whole world: THE KOIDANOVER REBBE. The Rebbe is a wonderful humanitarian, and talmid chacham. Join us Shabbos day as he davens with us. 
This Shabbos I will be breaking out two new shiurim, one before Mincha and one during Seudah Shlishit: 
1) Electricity in Halacha  - we will be addressing your questions on the Kosher Switch, Apple Watch, and so much more. 
2) Seudah Shlishit - In light of the recent brouhaha with RABBI SHLOMO RISKIN in Israel (see - and the new position at B'nai David I decided to start a new serious entitled: 
Feminism and Judaism. This series is sure to rock some boats! 
Mazal Tov to the Kehillah as our Family Services Family grows, Tanya and Avi Heyman on the birth of a boy and Leora and Isaac Orenbuch on the birth of a girl! Click HERE for the full Mazal Tov and other announcements.

I look forward to seeing you soon, 

Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn

Parshat Naso

FRIDAY, May 29, 2015
Candle-lighting: 7:39 PM

Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat: 6:45 PM
Topic: Something to Say at the Shabbos Table

SHABBAT, May 30, 2015

Co-sponsored by Dr. Bernard & Temi Monderer in dedication to their parents and in memory of Dr. Monderer's brother, Dovid ben Yechezkel, and by Buddy & Susie Salzberg in memory of Jack and Sima Salzberg & Jack Samuels and their lifetime devotion to Jewish Education.

Shacharit: 9:00 AM
All children programs begins at 9:30 AM

Rabbi Einhorn's Sermon: A Special visit from the Koidanover Rebbe 

Kiddush is sponsored by the Kehilla

Pirkei Avos Shiur this Shabbos, May 30th, at 6:30 PM for boys in grades 5th through 7th at the Bess Residence: 415 N. Las Palmas

Pre-Mincha Shiur: 6:45 PM  
3 part series: 
Electricity on Shabbos
Week 1: Is the Kosher Switch Kosher?

Sponsored by Ira & Ruchie Smedra in memory of Ira's father, HaRav Mordechai Zev Ben Shraga Feivel

Mincha: 7:30PM

Seudah Shlishit is sponsored by Adell and Alan Goldstein in memory of Alan's mother, Mildred Goldstein, Menucha bat Avrohom Aryeh Leib z"l. May her neshama have an immediate aliyah.

 Feminism and Judaism

Ma'ariv: 8:35 PM

Times of Davening During the Week
Followed by daily Daf Yomi with Rabbi Einhorn
Daily Daf Yomi Sponsored by Esthie & Walter Feinblum
Sundays:  7:30 AM
Mondays & Thursdays: 6:25 AM
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Fridays: 6:25 AM
Latest Shema: Week of May 31, 2015: 9:17 AM

Bolt of Inspiration - The Problem May Not Be the Yeshiva
A Weekly D'var Torah from the Dean and Rav of Yavneh - R' Shlomo Einhorn 

Religious schools of all stripes frequently debate the pros and cons of keeping those children, that don't seem to fit in religiously, within the walls of their institutions. The argument usually forwarded to keep the "wayward souls" within the confines of the excelling school is that expulsion may push a significant number of our children too far and ultimately away. On the other hand, the expulsionists tend to posit that keeping troubled students in the school brings down the level of the entire student body and usually does not even serve that individual's best interests. After several years in education I can honestly say that both sides have merit. However, there can be a higher and a better way. 
In this coming week's parsha - Nasso - the Torah states: "Nasso es rosh bnei gershon gam hem lebeis avosam lemishpachosam," "Elevate the head of the children of Gershom, them as well, according to their households, according to their families." The Chassidic teacher R. Moshe of Kovrin interprets Gershom, not as a name but rather as connected to gerushim (those that are divorced from the service of G-d). Elevate those individuals as well. How? By linking them back to their families. 
Perhaps a beginning step in assisting challenged students in our Yeshivas is to realize that their problems in school often come from fracture that has begun at home. Perhaps our didactical approach should shift its primary focus away from the classroom and rather turn its attention to offering guidance and assistance by helping these holy children reconnect with their families in a healthier way.

Yavneh Announcements

Mazal Tov to Tanya and Avi Heyman on the birth of a baby boy! Mazal Tov to siblings, Joseph and Rose.  Mazal Tov to grandparents, Sylvia Heyman, Frank & Lynn Menlo, and Ryna Menlo.  May they merit raising him in the ways of Torah, Chuppah, and Ma'asim Tovim and may we continue to be blessed with many more simchas!
BRIS: Tuesday Morning at Rabbi Ginsburg's Shul, 7709 Beverly Blvd. Shachris 6:30AM, Bris 8:00am. 

Mazal Tov to Leora and Isaac Orenbuch on the birth of a baby girl! Mazal Tov to big sister, Ella. Mazal Tov to grandparents, Esthie & Walter Feinblum and Cali & Moshe Orenbach, and to great-grandparents, Rabbi & Dr. Joseph and Leila Bronner. We wish a Mazal Tov to the extended Bronner, Feinblum, Monderer, Oliner, and Orenbuch families! May they merit raising her in the ways of Torah, Chuppah, and Ma'asim Tovim and may we continue to be blessed with many more simchas!
Join us for a Pre-Mincha Shiur
The first of a three part series: ELECTRICITY ON SHABBAT
Week 1: Is the Kosher Switch Kosher?
Join us for a Seudah Shlishit Series with Rabbi Einhorn

1st Lecture this Shabbat, May 30th, 7:40PM

Pirkei Avos Shiur this Shabbos, May 30th, at 6:30 PM for boys in grades 5th through 7th at the Bess Residence: 415 N. Las Palmas

Join us at YULA Girls School on May 31st at 9:30 AM for a morning of reflection and learning in memory of HaRav Aharon Lichtenstein z"l




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Have any halachik or any other questions? Feel free to contact Rabbi Einhorn at or call (917) 647-8359. 

Save the Date

June 6 - Kiddush sponsored by the Rubin Family
June 13 - Seduah Shlishit sponsored by the Lunzer Family
June 20 - Kiddush sponsored by the Botnick Family
July 4 - Kiddush sponsored by the Steinman Family

Community Announcements

Dr. Leila Bronner's weekly shiur will continue this week, May 30th at 5:00 PM at her home, 180 N. Las Palmas Ave. These chapters describe the Rise of David and his anointment by the  prophet Samuel to be king. These charismatic personalities develop into the most powerful figures fashioning the Unique Spiritual image of the people of Israel. Looking forward to seeing you. All are welcome.


You are cordially invited to a spectacular Jewelry Party with the finest Jewels from Italy. 
Tuesday and Wednesday, June 2nd and June 3rd, 10 AM until 6 PM Both Days at 400 North Las Palmas Avenue. Meet the Italian Designer himself. There will also be a beautiful selection of Graduation and Bat Mitzvah Gifts  at a great price point. Please bring your friends. Looking forward to seeing you there. Love, Shira 917-864-1560 
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2 Upcoming Shaarei Tefila Trips: June 4th @ 6 PM: The King and I; June 25th @ 6 PM: Train to Zakopane. For reservations call Bernice Gelman @ (323)938-7147

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