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Vol XVI, Issue II, Winter 2016

Owner Stories

Jen - A Deaf Working Beardie and Shadow Chasing, continued

Original story in Spring 2016 Issue of Lighting the Way

B - SLO and more

Owners are invited to submit stories of their Beardie's health or behavioral issue for the upcoming fall newsletter.  Contact the editor here
Welcome to the Winter Issue.  Research focus continues on SLO and genetic diversity in US Bearded Collies.

For those participating in BeaCon's open health registry, it is time to update your information; new participants are welcome. 

There are several articles on breeding by Dr. Carmen Battaglia and Dr. Jerry Bell.

We need your help if your Beardie has SLO, is totally healthy and over 10 years, or had Addison's diagnosed between 2-6 years. Read about samples needed and research completed.

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Current Participants
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  • Pedigrees for new dogs will be posted later in the spring.
New Participants - you are welcome to register and participate.  A guide will help navigate the forms; scroll down to view pages.

Knowledge Based Breeding by Dr. Carmen Battaglia.  He discusses the importance of collecting quality information on both the breadth and depth of a pedigree's for the first three generations (fourteen ancestors). Knowledge about outcome for all progeny whether used for breeding or not, is vital.

Maintaining and Improving Breeds by Dr. Jerry Bell. He reviews how natural species evolve, how dog breeds develop, and how to improve breeds and address population contraction.  He calls attention to an unfortunate development in dog breeding - namely, that recommendations designed for the preservation of rare and endangered species (e.g., outbreeding to reduce homozygosity and average inbreeding coefficients) have been suggested for dog breeding.

Breed maintenance and improvement requires an expanding breed population, avoiding the popular sire syndrome, and monitoring of breed health issues among other things.

Genetic Diversity of USA Bearded Collies.  A report will be sent as a e-newsletter supplement in the near future.

BeaCon Awareness Survey.  The results from the survey last year are posted on the website.  We appreciate those who participated.
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