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InSphero Newsletter January 2013
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New InSphero publication in ipt: 3D Cell Culture for Compound De-Risking

Jan Lichtenberg and Jens Kelm discuss the challenges involved in developing organotypic 3D cell models for safety and efficacy testing in this article recently published in Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology (ipt). View open access publication.

Why not participate in InSphero's Exhibitor Hosted Session at SOT 2013 on 13 Mar 2013?

InSphero is offering an exhibitor hosted session at SOT 2013 to show you how to use advanced 3D-cell culture models in your drug safety assessment. Program details here.

3D cell culture literature picks – Jan 2013

Our applications team has reviewed a small selection of current 3D-cell-culture journal papers  to keep you updated about recent developments in 3D.

New InSphero publication in GEN: Multiplexed drug assessment in multi-cell type 3D colon cancer microtissues

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN) recently featured a publication, co-authored by InSphero, Tecan, Promega and Sirion Biotech, highlighting the use of fluorescence and luminescence reporter systems to assess drug sensitivity in distinct cell populations of multi-cell type 3D cell culture models. View open access publication.

New: Convenient and Affordable Embryonic Stem-Cell Test Service launched

InSphero starts 2013 with an exciting product launch for embryonic stem-cell toxicity testing: The easyEST™, the first automated EST, is now available as a convenient and affordable service offer. Find out more.

Patent on InSphero’s core technology granted

The European Patent Office (EPO) and the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) granted InSphero full protection of its GravityPLUS hanging-drop technology in December 2012. Patent offices in many other countries are expected to follow within the coming months. Read more.

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