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InSphero Newsletter March 2014
"Hello, I’m Melanie Aregger, Manager Corporate Business Development at InSphero. I joined this great company last year in November to support the team in exploring new markets/application fields. My experience includes 7 years in business development and management consulting and a MBA from the University of St.Gallen. I’m happy to work together with such a motivated team."

InSphero Granted Hanging Drop Patents in China and Japan

InSphero adds GravityPLUS™ patents in major Asian markets to existing European & Singapore patents, awaits decision on pending US patent. Read more in media release.

InSphero user group meeting in Cambridge, UK on March 12

Fully booked! Our next week’s UK user group meeting on 3D InSight™ Liver Microtissues and their use in safety and toxicity testing applications is co-hosted with Cambridge Bioscience and includes speakers from Biognosys, Pharmacelsus and Copenhagen University. View the program and ask for waitlist seats here.

Webinars:  Join tomorrow’s live event on 3D human liver microtissues

Join us Thursday, March 6th to learn how our long-lived, highly functional 3D liver microtissues bring more insights to your long-term cytotoxicity studies. Register here. Missed last week’s webinar by BioTek on 3D oncology & toxicity testing?  Watch it on demand.

3D Culture in the Literature

What’s the difference between self-organization and self-assembly? Can high-content screening in 3D culture help identify compounds that target dormant cells in core of tumors? Check out this month’s literature picks from InSphero co-founder Dr. Wolfgang Moritz.

InSphero 3D InSight™ Tumor Microtissue Co-cultures featured in JBS

Tumor/fibroblast co-cultures grown in 3D and 2D show a dramatically different phenotype following RNAi-mediated depletion of Kifl I/Eg5, a critical mitotic gene. Read more about the 3D tumor model system in our recent publication in the Journal of Biomolecular Screening.

Robust quantification of spheroid size in minutes

Size and morphology are important determinants to evaluate biological behavior of 3D microtissues. The Dainippon SCREEN Cell3iMager and InSphero GravityTRAP™ 3D microtissue assay format combine to provide rapid, precise profiling of microtissue growth and morphology for 96-wells in about 1 minute. Find more in our application note.

InSphero presents 3D cancer models at ELRIG R&I in Telford

We’re presenting our 3D InSight™ tumor co-culture models on March 11 at the ELRIG Research and Innovation 2014 meeting. Discover how these microtissues enable more reliable target identification and validation early in the therapeutic development process. View program for details or request copy of presentation.

Save the Date:  Two InSphero Exhibitor Hosted Sessions at SOT 2014

Heading to Phoenix for SOT?  Mark your calendars for our two Exhibitor Hosted Sessions this year, one featuring our 3D models for ADME/Tox & DMPK, and a second featuring models for use in off—liver toxicity studies, including cardiac, pancreatic islet and neural microtissues. Find more here.
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