How do you explain Rolfing®?

Dear <<First Name>>,

if you're deep enough in your Rolfing® process, and maybe very close to starting your training to become a Rolfer - you may have encountered this challenge:

How do you explain to someone (family, friends, work colleagues) what Rolfing is, how it works, and what it does?

And to tell you a secret from the heart of the Rolfing community: This question never stops to be a challenge. It is one of the core issue for solid Certified Rolfers
in building their practice: How to explain the Rolfing work to potential clients, or the media.

We know one thing for sure: Rolfing is most simply explained by experiencing it. And we try to educate and encourage our members to put a lot of emphasis on communicating results and benefits when speaking to potential clients, instead of trying to explain the process of Rolfing itself.

But still - there may be occasions where you really would like to explain to your husband or best friend what kind of training you are getting yourself into.

A picture is worth a thousand words - and if you combine pictures and words, you get very powerful material.

This is what we would like to share with you today: We would like to introduce you to some truly excellent video material on Rolfing and Rolf Movement topics. Our community is fortunate to have individual members that have created some really great stuff with lost of enthusiasm, work, and time.

Swiss Rolfer Mathias Avigdor has engaged in a truly world-wide effort. He created a 26-min documentary on Rolfing - originally in French at, including contributions from Rolfing veteran Hubert Godard, and has translated (subtitles and/or voice-over) in nine different languages. You can find the video with English subtitles here:

Rolfing, a French documentary: 26 minutes, subtitled in English
Watch the Video
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The whole project is a real success story. By mid January, there were 100.000 visits to the videos, and the number of visits has been doubling every six months in the past. You may want to check out the other language versions as well:
Italian subtitles:
Czech subtitles:
Japanese subtitles:
Spanish subtitles:
German subtitles:
German voice-over:
Slovakian subtitles:
Arabic subtitles:
Russian subtitles: under revision, will be released soon
Turkish subtitles: under revision, will be released soon

By the way - Mathias invites you to use the videos, you may even embed them on websites, and distribute the links. Whatever helps you to spread the word!

Another great video resource, if you ever wanted to understand better what is behind Rolf Movement
: ERA Rolfing and Rolf Movement instructor France Hatt-Arnold has created a valuable collection of Rolf Movement exercises. In the videos, she demonstrates and explaines the exercises, and you can access all videos (for free!) at

And then there are several TV features from German national TV (listed in the right-hand column). The Quarks & Co feature had huge nationwide impact for Rolfing practitioners and our office. So if you understand German or have someone who can help you translate - it is very much worth watching.

Enjoy everything you do!

Kind regards,
Patricia Pyrka (ERA Executive Director)

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Rolfing was on national German TV!

The WDR channel illustrated Rolfing and presented ERA research director Robert Schleip in their popular show "Quarks & Co." with Ranga Yogeshwar on Tuesday, January 29th at 21.00. Find the whole show at

Feature from channel BR (October 9th, 2012, 19.00 "Gesundheit!):

Feature from channel ARD (October 14th, 2012, 17.00 "W wie Wissen"):

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