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'Worst drought in 50 years': ranchers
One of the Oaxaca ranches where cattle have been lost to the drought
A drought in 27 of the 42 municipalities of the Isthmus region of Oaxaca, described as the worst in nearly 50 years, has resulted in the loss of over 1,500 head of cattle, and residents fear the worst is yet to come. Three years without normal rainfall have left water levels in an important reservoir at just 16%. FULL STORY
Pérez de Acha: renounced his salary

Citizens’ committee set to begin fight against corruption 

It intends to identify and pursue 10 emblematic cases of corruption, cases that could include a state governor or even the state oil company Pemex. FULL STORY
You could go to jail for this — if someone enforced the law

New penalties fine but enforcement needed

The Chamber of Deputies has approved stiff penalties for using mobile phones while driving but as a non-governmental organization has pointed out, regulations are worthless if not enforced. FULL STORY
The Finance Secretariat hired a circus for children of its staff

Kings Day party time, in spite of austerity

Three Kings Day — a homely celebration throughout Mexico on January 6 — was a special event for many government workers and their families, who received gifts valued at more than 130.3 million pesos (US $6 million) during a year in which austerity measures have been touted at all three levels of government.
Transit ad that appeared in Acapulco this week


State orders removal
of anti-Trump bus ads

Did banning bus ads violate freedom
of speech?
The mayor's condom demo: valid sex ed exercise or
over-the-top theatrics?
Valid: 59%
Over-the-top: 41%
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Scene of this morning's lynching in Chiapas

Chiapas lynching kills 3 suspected thieves

Three suspected car thieves were captured by residents of a Chiapas town and beaten to death by angry residents. FULL STORY
A beach in Quintana Roo, where erosion is carrying away the sand

(Another) plan for the recovery of beaches

The government of Quintana Roo has announced a program to rehabilitate and maintain the state’s beaches, which in some areas are losing between two and six meters of sand every year.
Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres beach is No. 7 in the world

“Calm turquoise waters, pure white powdery sand. Water so blue, it makes the sky look pale.” That’s one description of Playa Norte on Isla Mujeres, named this week as one of the world’s top 25 beaches.
The chocolate bar developed by Mexican students

Chocolate billed
as remedy for insomnia

Having trouble sleeping? Suffering from anxiety or depression? Four biochemical engineering students have developed a chocolate bar for that.
Trump and Fox: the latter is an irritant

Ex-Canadian PM says ‘get Fox
under control’

Get Vicente Fox under control because he’s a major irritant for Donald Trump, a former Canadian prime minister is reported to have told Mexican officials this week. FULL STORY
Transit ad that appeared in Acapulco this week

State orders removal of anti-Trump bus ads

Mexicans are not enamored of U.S. President Donald Trump but an anti-Trump message in Acapulco this week was too much for the state government.
Mexico City: bad air

Breathing the air like smoking 40 cigarettes

Breathing the air of Mexico City was the equivalent of smoking 40 cigarettes a day on the 212 days last year when air quality was bad, reporters were told this week at an air quality workshop. FULL STORY
A baby turtle gets a helping hand on the beach

Summer enriched by a dog and baby turtles

Bodie Kellogg's first encounter with turtles entailed helping them get from nest to water on a beach in Mazatlán and saving them from becoming dog food.
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